Mayor’s Anointed Candidate by Jacksonville’s Swamp playing Biden card

The first mayoral debate for the March 2023 Mayor’s race will happen this coming Monday, November 21st at the Rotary Club of Jacksonville in Downtown Jacksonville.

The Rotary Club is a distinguished humanitarian service club and is usually an important event to attend by those seeking political office. Many well-informed and invested business leaders are a part of Rotary and the purpose of a local Rotary club is to connect people who then work together to solve community problems, provide humanitarian aid, and promote goodwill and peace. Their motto is “Service Above Self.”

I guess Daniel Davis doesn’t see the Rotary’s motto as his own because he’s declined to attend this important debate. Or maybe it’s because he is a member of this Rotary and he already feels he has their votes??

Daniel Davis is the “Next In Line” Mayoral candidate. The strategy of “Next in Line” has been used by Jacksonville’s own Swamp (and their anointed consultants) who sit behind the scenes pulling the strings of their anointed Mayor. Daniel is their guy and why would he have to campaign like the others? They believe his position as Mayor is in the bag. Why stoop to actually talking with people or campaigning like the others will do?

One thing is certain – this first move to not show up is a play right out of Biden’s playbook –

Stay out of the limelight

Refuse to face the people

Lay low

The next play will be to spend millions on commercials and mailers hammering his competition and demeaning them while never telling the people what he will do for them.

After this last national election where this playbook was used, the people are over it. They have had enough. They want people representing them who really care about them.

We can only hope that Jacksonville’s residents want the same – a Mayor who truly cares about us.

Get involved with the candidate of your choice and make sure they work hard to earn the votes they need to win.

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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