Landing Christmas: The Sleiman Family gives to the city in the Spirit of Christmas.


Once again, the Landing Christmas tree lighting ceremony officially declares the beginning of “Christmas in Jacksonville.”  Thank you to the Sleiman Family who — against the local government “leadership” — ignored them and created a wonderful night for Jacksonville residents.

The fight between Mayor Curry and this local family enterprise has been sad to watch.  The Jacksonville icon – the Jacksonville Landing — has been at the center of that fight.  It’s been an unnecessary fight and back door political games are the cause.

We will set all that aside today and throughout the holidays as we gather round the Christmas tree and wish each other a blessed holiday season.

We thank the Sleiman Family for hosting this event.  We thank them for doing it for FREE.  There are many in our city who can’t afford to attend all the festive holiday musicals, theaters, or other paid special events.  But you can always count on the Sleiman Family to open their arms to those who have little and provide a big party to celebrate this important holiday — together as a family — their own family and the Jacksonville, Florida family too.

We send a big WINK to the Sleiman’s and we pray 2019 will find you in a better place at the table with our city “leaders.”  You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as you have done unto others.


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