Keeping an “Eye” on our government officials will stop this from happening

Joe Carollo, a Republican city commissioner in Miami, had his assets seized by federal authorities after being sued by the owners of the Ball and Chain restaurant in 2022.

The restaurant owners accused Carollo of using the city’s law enforcement and local statutes to shut down their businesses due to their support for his political opponent.

In 2023, a jury found Carollo guilty of the allegations and awarded $63.5 million in damages to the plaintiffs. Despite the initial plan to garnish the damages from Carollo’s wages, he openly opposed the idea, leading to a federal court ordering the seizure of his assets to satisfy the judgment.

Eye on Jacksonville was developed more than six years ago to combat these types of issues.

We set up shop after hearing from many sources who had supported others running for city council and mayor. When their guy/gal didn’t win –the backlash of making it harder to get permits, additional oversight of their business enterprises and harassment of their day to day operations was their punishment. And even during a local high level political race, numerous business owners received threatening calls from third parties stating they better get in line or it would be difficult for them to do business here.

None of those who experienced these threats bowed down to them. They are hard working Americans who don’t take kindly to threats from small minded bullies.

We are publishing this to alert our followers that having Eyes wide open and our ears to the ground is important. If our government knows we are watching them, they tend to play ball more fairly.

If you see anything that smells corrupt or reeks of cronyism, let us know. The only way to get rid of rats is to “rat them out.”

That’s our opinion. What say you?

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


One response to “Keeping an “Eye” on our government officials will stop this from happening”

  1. The Code of Silence that keeps the Jacksonville mired in gang warfare also keeps the Dark Money Machine in power.
    People are too lazy, complacent, and ill-principled to do take the stand that Corollo’s political targets took.

    When that happens, the crime in Jacksonville and the political thuggery in the GOP can be addressed

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