JEA Leadership and Board should be fired.

Aaron Zahn, CEO of JEA

My father taught me that if you thought you could do something, or you thought you couldn’t, you were probably right. 

Aaron Zahn, JEA’s CEO, publicly says he can’t successfully manage our utility.  Well then…it’s time to stop paying him $524,000 per year! 

As an owner of the JEA (and anyone who is a ratepayer is an owner), I believe he and his team of executives should be walked out of the building today! 

The entire Board should also be replaced.  The Mayor and Governor have the responsibility to find and install a JEA Board that can successfully lead our utility. 

Why are 16 private companies standing in line to buy JEA?  What do they know that our Board and executives don’t?  Selling JEA means that decisions will be made in Tampa or Charlotte about Duval County water and electric infrastructure.  CEO’s of for-profit companies will be determining our water and electric rates.  Look how California is burning because Pacific Gas and Electric has not effectively upgraded their electric infrastructure.

What a mess. An unnecessary one.

Rick Hartley

Rick Hartley


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