In Central Banks We Trust

Remember when you were a kid and had to ask your parents for money? Remember the agony of waiting for the answer?

Your parents decided if you could have the cash, how much to give you and dictated how you could spend it. And to my horror, mine would even ask for change back! Wasn’t that terrible?

My junior year of high school I remember asking my mom for $40 so I could lay in a tanning bed just like all my friends were doing. She, of course, said no. I was so angry I couldn’t expose my young skin to the cancer-causing light bulbs, I vowed to get a job. I never again wanted my mother to get in the way of my 20-minute cancerous nap sessions. I found a part-time job, bought a car and finally felt the freedom of making my own money. I was in heaven.

Now imagine your stingy parents are actually the government. And the government gets to decide if you get access to your money, when you are able to access it, how much of it you are allowed to spend and what you are allowed to spend it on. Sounds insane right? Well, that is basically what global elites, central banks and governments are pushing for right now. It is called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC.) For the informed, it is terrifying. For the uninformed, it is amazing. For the ones in control, it is the ultimate power.

One World Currency, New World Order, Mark of the Beast, The Great Reset…

I have heard all the Spirit of the Age catch phrases before.

Before I started researching it, I had never heard of CBDC.

Apparently, the idea has been around for years, and it has already taken hold in a few countries.

Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Canada, and Jamaica have all created some type of CBDC pilot program.

China has been using its digital yen since 2019. And we see how that is going. Social Credit Scores, anyone?

Following Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas (with the help of the IMF) decided to create its own CBDC called the Sand Dollar. The program was launched in Exuma in 2020 and then branched out to the Abacos. My family is from a little spit of an island in the Abacos. I asked several of my cousins and friends who are business owners about it. They have heard of the program, but no one we know uses it or has had any experience with it. I even reached out to a friend in Marsh Harbor, and she has never heard of it. I downloaded the Sand Dollar app to mess around with it. That didn’t work out since I no longer have access to a Bahamian bank account. After spending some time researching this, maybe the program is more of a marketing campaign for the Bahamas versus an actual usable program. According to the Tribune, (the Bahamian newspaper) the central bank plans to give away $1 million worth of the Sand Dollar currency throughout the islands in 2023 to “encourage greater adoption by residents and businesses.”

The IMF created a fancy video explaining all the good to come from the program. One Bahamian woman said “I am always on my phone anyways so it only makes sense to have my money in my hand.” But what she doesn’t understand is she really doesn’t have the money. Whoever, in this case the Central Bank of the Bahamas, has your money and they control it.

The Tribune claims use of the program is steadily growing. I find it very telling that the comments are disabled on almost all of the articles featuring the Sand Dollar. There are a few comments still posted, but they are all very negative towards the program. Hence the censorship. As a fellow Bahamian, I can tell you, Bahamians do not like relying on the government. They are rugged, proud and self-sufficient people. They rely on God and each other for help. This program will never work in the island nation, unless they are forced to comply.

Control is really what is at stake. CBDCs are completely controlled and issued by the government. They would have the ability to track every financial transaction and could potentially deny goods and services. This power is a major threat to our personal privacy and our financial freedom. Currently in China, millions of people are prevented from buying certain items or purchasing train and plane tickets for committing “behavior crimes.” Wouldn’t our political elites love that kind of power?

Closer to home, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration are taking steps to prevent Biden’s control obsessed agenda from being implemented in Florida. This week he introduced comprehensive legislation to prevent CBDC in the state. The legislation would prevent the use of a federally adopted CBDC in Florida and protect against CBDC from a foreign sanctioned central bank. The legislation also calls for other states to join with Florida to fight back against CBDC nationwide.

I honestly didn’t want to write about this topic. Like most, I never would have believed the American government would want that kind of control over our lives. But then again, I would have never believed a country of more than 350 million people with guns would willingly stay home because of a cold, but they did. And three years later, we are still waiting until May 2023 for the curve to finally be flattened.

I spent just a few minutes researching CBDC and was blown away. There are a lot of people out there begging for this. I guess it goes back to the insane idea of Agenda 2030 (or whatever they are calling it now): ‘you will have no privacy, own nothing and be happy.’

The White House issued a press release on the topic in September. It said the Biden administration signed Executive Order 14067, for research and development into a “potential design and development options of a U.S. CBDC. The Executive Order directed the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP,) in consultation with other Federal departments and agencies, to submit to the president a technical evaluation for a potential U.S. CBDC system.”

The White House statement claims the possible benefits of a U.S. CBDC are “facilitating efficient and low-cost transactions, fostering greater access to the financial system, boosting economic growth and supporting the continued centrality of the U.S within the international financial system.” The release also acknowledges a CBDC could

“introduce a variety of risks.” Ya know… minor risks like affecting the “stability of the financial system’… ‘to the protection of sensitive data.’” What could go wrong?

I find it fascinating, the press release actually wraps up by claiming we want a CBDC, but we know it will go horribly wrong. They admit what they are wanting to do will be a problem, but let’s do it anyway!

“The American people deserve to fully benefit from technological possibilities like a U.S. CBDC, while being protected from the harms it could bring. (Emphasis added)”

We need to join with DeSantis to help prevent this kind of financial control over our lives. Our elites are hungry for it. They want it. They got a small taste of what having ultimate power can do during COVID. They will never let it go.

What I want everyone to understand is, they only have the power if we give it to them. We must never comply with this. We must continue to fight. We must also look within our own lives and get our financial house in order. Being informed and prepared is how we stop our control obsessed political class from gaining even more private access into our personal lives.

Below are links to DeSantis’s press release regarding CBDC in Florida and also the link to the Biden Administration’s press release. I encourage you to read the study linked in the White House’s statement.

Technical Possibilities for a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency | OSTP | The White House.

Lindsey Roberts

Lindsey Roberts graduated from the University of Florida where she studied history and journalism. She was a multimedia producer at First Coast News for five years and then pursued her career as a Mommy to two beautiful children. She has always followed political news and anything specifically related to issues affecting the family and the American way of life. She is ready to get back to her roots by writing for Eye On My City. We are thrilled to have her onboard!!


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