Gun-grabbing president is at it again

In his latest unconstitutional move, President Biden wants to prevent people from selling their guns at gun shows.

How such sales constitute a threat to public safety is beyond understanding, but it fits with his ongoing efforts to shred the Second Amendment.

In Congress, there is already an effort to stop Biden’s illegal law-making.

The rule goes into play if a person represents to a prospective buyer that he can obtain more firearms for them to choose from, spends more than their reported taxable income on firearms, repeatedly sells firearms after owning them less than 30 days, creates records to track the profit and loss from firearm sales, rents a table at a gun show, and any combination additional elements, that individual is required to obtain an FFL and conduct background checks on the sales.

It is claimed this infringement on the rights would prevent mass shooting, which is ludicrous.

According to, there is no direct correlation between gun ownership and firearm-related death. In fact, the five states with the highest firearm-related deaths have relatively low firearm ownership rates.

DOJ also made it clear the rule is intended to go after anyone who sells guns “at a profit.” The current administration hates profits almost as much as guns.

Biden is notorious for trying to govern by rules and executive orders, because he cannot get most of his fascist proposals through Congress.

DOJ says the rule is needed to implement a law passed by Congress is 2022. But U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who championed that law, said the proposed rule has nothing to do with the law and violates the intent of Congress.

The leftwing media said in chorus that the rule would “close a loophole.”

However, an article in the Boston Herald said the rule effectively would ban all private gun sales.

Gun Owners of America slammed the proposed rule on social media, saying that its broad application violates the Second Amendment, and promised legal action.

More than a million Florida residents had concealed carry weapons permits before the requirement to have one was abolished effective July 1. Many more residents own guns and trade or sell them freely, as they do any other possession.

By one estimate 35 percent of Florida residents, or more than 7 million people, own guns.

Lloyd Brown

Lloyd was born in Jacksonville. Graduated from the University of North Florida. He spent nearly 50 years of his life in the newspaper business …beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor for Florida Times Union. He has also been published in a number of national newspapers and magazines, as well as Internet sites. Married with children. Military Vet. Retired. Man of few words but the words are researched well, deeply considered and thoughtfully written.


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