Groomers are not wasting any time in 2023

With the midterm elections over, and a new year begun, the federal government is starting a renewed push for its dangerous and divisive grooming experiments with the nation’s children.
The instrument they are using is called “LGBTQ Inclusivity in Schools: A Self-Assessment Tool.”
In true Marxist fashion, what it is called is the opposite of what it is, which is a way of pushing very young children into the fad of “transgenderism.”
While the material has been around for about two years, it has gotten a new boost in the past week, with the CDC urging its use by school districts.
It is being promoted as a tool to assess how “inclusive” a district is to students confused about their sexuality.
This is correct, government-approved language that must be used in schools per the booklet:
“1.2a—I use neutral terms (e.g., “partner” instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”) to describe students’ romantic relationships instead of making assumptions.”
“1.3a—I correct those around me if I hear them using incorrect, outdated, derogatory, or harmful language or terminology (see Section 5: Glossary of Terms for updated language).”
“1.3d—I participate in my schools’ Gay Straight Alliance/Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA).”
“2.1d—The policy(s) in place allows students to use the bathroom/locker room which aligns to their chosen gender.”
“3.1c—My classroom or learning space includes visual labels (e.g., rainbow flags, pink triangles, unisex bathroom signs) marking it as a safe space for LGBTQ students.”
“3.4c—During sexual health education lessons, I present information on all types of sex, not centering on penis/vagina penetrative sex.”
“3.4e—During sexual health education lessons, I describe anatomy and physiology separate from gender (e.g., “a body with a penis,” “a body with a vagina”).”
Of course, the important point is the implied threat behind it all: the federal government will cut off funds for schools that do not adopt the new orthodoxy.
The Democrat media has answered the call and is in full support of the “woke” agenda.
The façade it hides behind is “bullying.” Being “inclusive” is supposed to stop bullying.
But Eye on Jacksonville asked the local school district for bullying statistics, and we were told they could not identify a single instance of anyone being bullied because of gender identity.

It is a nonsensical idea to disguise an attempt by the Democrat Party to create another grievance group that it will “protect.”
In liberal states such as California, the local districts are happily falling into line.
For decades, government schools have been controlled by teacher unions, which are a fund-raising arm of the Democrat Party. It is natural that they should be a battleground for early training in the party’s philosophy of maximum government and minimum liberty.
However, a major obstacle to that hegemony has been the arousal of parents. Alarmed by their children receiving political indoctrination rather than education, parents have been forming organizations to stop the assault on America’s children.
Duval County schools do not use the assessment. Parent groups should remain vigilant, however, because it is clear the federal government will not stop pushing this agenda under the Biden regime.

EOMC Editor

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