Fernandina Residents kick far left candidates to the curb 

The vision for Eye on my City is … 

“Taking Back America One City at a Time” 

Last night Fernandina residents did just that and took their city back from left wing, looney toon candidates who loved outlandish spending of tax dollars and outlandish ideas against traditional family values.  Mike Lednovich and Genese Minshew have been sent packing.   Good riddance! 

They lost to James Antun and Darros Ayscue.  Both men won seats on the City Commission last night because they believe in wise distribution of tax dollars, accountability to the people, transparency of city dealings, and good wholesome family values.  What a win for Fernandina!! 

Across the country we are seeing more and more taxpayers fighting back and standing up for the values they hold dear as Americans.   The left has gone stark raving mad and people have had enough.  Sitting and wringing of hands will do nothing to keep our communities safe and free from the mad men of the world.  The truth is…in order to win you have to fight back.  And fight back is what Fernandina residents did! 

We applaud the voters of Fernandina for protecting this beautiful town that speaks to people of days gone by and more peaceful times.    

And as a final note to these special voters… don’t let the mad men in.  Keep paying attention because they never truly go away – they just hang out in dark corners waiting for another moment to try again!   

Stay vigilant Fernandina and have a wonderful holiday season, you warriors you! 

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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