Eye on Jacksonville follower calls out local newspaper on propaganda tactics

To the Florida Times Union: The existence of “fake news” isn’t fake — and you are propagators of it.  Worse, you are doing so at a time when our country is in the midst of a Constitutional crisis, one that may well result in violence … which you (at least indirectly) are helping to foment.  This header / headline from your email update this morning:

“Zero evidence?”  Are you that willfully blind, or knowingly complicit in a de facto coup via election theft?  I do not invoke those words and phrases through hyperbole, but from studious monitoring of what is now underway.

You don’t have to accept my word for things, nor accept everything presented at the web sites listed immediately below (just take a few minutes to peruse).  Yes, they are partisan toward one side, but can all that evidence really be fabricated?  Is there not at least dense smoke to make “evidence” of election fraud an open question?


Further, credible sources have been exposing and warning of this very thing for months now — with references to specific people and documents:

August 3, 2020:


August 16, 2020:

September 4, 2020: 



September 9, 2020:


September 14, 2020:


I as an average citizen, exercising due diligence beyond relying on “AP” stories, readily find information and discern what’s (apparently) underway at this juncture of history. 

Obviously, you won’t. (As trained “journalists” you presumably have training and resources well beyond those of this mere engaged citizen) — Or is it that you are fully aware of what is going on, but deliberately obfuscate, if not misrepresent, this “news” to the general public?”

To represent yourselves as “journalists” and as a “newspaper” is as phony as the ballots being manufactured in Philadelphia and Detroit and Atlanta.  I’m perfectly happy to consider alternate opinions, but I demand my news to be straight and predominantly objective — you fail at the latter — and that is why I’ve refused to subscribe to your “newspaper.”

NOTE: Thomas Wigand is a follower at Eye on Jacksonville and we asked him if we could post this response. We agree with Thomas and believe the media IS complicit in mishandling of truth. Thomas told us, “Ultimately we will all face our Maker and have to account for our acts and omissions; and whatever the outcome, I want to be able to say that I wasn’t a “sunshine patriot” and did what I could to help save this Divinely-inspired nation, in spite of the risks.” Thank you Thomas for bravely penning your thoughts.


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