Dr. Bernier: Something stinks within the Duval County Public Schools administration

This past week, the local media did their best to block the hiring of Duval’s new Superintendent Dr. Christopher Bernier.  They focused on some allegations from his last position about an employee accusing him of calling her names.

The school board did their due diligence and seemed okay with what they found out.  But the media would not let it go.  They had their hooks in Dr. Bernier and right up until the time of his final negotiations they were writing about it, talking about it and still questioning the accusation.

But brewing behind the scenes were allegations of a school employee who works at a very high level in the School Police Department.  Various organizations, concerned individuals and school board members were bringing up information that had been out there for the public consumption and it had to do with some sexual accusations.  The local mainstream media passed on those allegations for some reason as if there was nothing to see there.

Maybe there wasn’t but it sure does have a stench to it and it was enough to get school board members attention.  

Eye believes our schools and our city should be run like a business and if what we are hearing is slightly true, we have a big issue with the hiring process at DCPS. 

We will be doing some investigation into DCPS hiring processes, promotion process and employee discipline.  We will let you know what we find out.

We wish Dr. Bernier much success and we hope he will carefully review the people around him as his first priority.  We’ve all been there when a new boss takes charge.  Those in fear of losing their jobs get really nice and try to become the new boss’ friend or confidant.  With all the issues we have in our school system, we hope he is wise to these tactics and will plan a major turnaround and not let the system work as it has.  We need a clean up guy and hopefully Dr. Bernier is that guy!

Our kids quality education and personal safety while in their school’s care should be the highest priority.  We pray Dr. Bernier will make those his two goals and he will accomplish them.

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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