Confederate Monument in Arlington National Cemetery: Post your comments about tearing it down.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson unveiled the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. The monument was created by Confederate veteran Moses Jacob Ezekiel and stands 32 feet tall. It features a large bronze statue of a woman symbolizing “the South,” holding a laurel wreath, a plow stock, and a pruning hook, atop a granite base. The monument includes a Biblical verse about turning swords into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks. Images on the monument depict Southern soldiers, civilians, mythology, and a Black slave woman holding a white soldier’s baby, among others.

Under the Biden Administration in 2021, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, establishing the Naming Commission to remove names, symbols, displays, monuments, and paraphernalia honoring the Confederate States of America.

As part of this provision, Arlington National Cemetery plans to remove the Confederate Memorial from its Confederate section, and a public comment period is open for 30 days.

Arlington National Cemetery was established during the Civil War on land confiscated from Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The cemetery was established as a new national cemetery in 1864 due to the need for burial space during the Civil War. Customarily, new sections are established in the cemetery for soldiers from different wars.

Arlington National Cemetery is soliciting public comments on the relocation of the Confederate Memorial to comply with Congress’s mandate. Lawsuits are ongoing regarding the monument’s relocation, but the cemetery is already planning for it. The cemetery emphasizes that the removal process must adhere to applicable laws, policies, and regulations to ensure safety and protect surrounding graves and monuments.


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12 responses to “Confederate Monument in Arlington National Cemetery: Post your comments about tearing it down.”

  1. It’s the fact that the Arlington Cemetery for the Confederate veterans is simply part of the neo-Marxis project. And there are plenty of useful idiots who are willing to destroy anything because they’re stupid enough to do it because behind the scene, three or four or five interations, are an actual neo-Mmarxist(DEI commissar in most schools in corporations in America, etc) organization. For 140 years Arlington Cemetery Confederate veteran Memorial was agreed on and was part of the liberal society. It will tell you that in 2023 the liberal order is almost at the end. For my own self I would fight Newton tail and do everything I can to have the Arlington Park Confederate veterans still up and standing as it was for 140 years. I hope that all who will join the fight for Arlington Cemetery Confederate veterans and every other place and every other spot in every other Statue I’m going to fight against the neo Marxist.

  2. I think that remove Confedereted monuments or anything in relate to American history is one of the first step that communist paties does to transform a nation to a totalitary government like Cuba, Venezuela and others around the world. Weak up América Democrat Party is no longer a party that believe in freedom and democracy.

  3. The Federal Government has decreed Confederate soldiers are to be treated the same as any other US soldier. Thus, this argument is moot and illegal. Moving dead bodies because you may not like them is NO justification. Save the money and leave them alone!!

  4. It should not be taken down its part of Arlington cemeterys history. Its also a symbol of reconstruction/ the country healing!!

  5. History doesn’t change by removing statues. It is only tyrannical governments that seek to destroy the past and not learn from it

  6. This is another way our current administration under Biden is attempting to erase parts of our American history solely based on prejudice and a concept of so-called racism. We are to learn from history no matter when it occurs so as to not repeat it, not to rewrite it by those who are “offended” by it and choose to ignore its value for future education.

  7. If it was good since the 1890s but now in 2023 you’re going to destroy it it means one thing: the neo communist the neo Marxist and the useful idiots want to destroy something which in objective reality would be beautiful and ornate and traditional. Arlington national Confederate Memorial destruction is part of a larger story about the neo-Marxis in the Biden administration, many States, and by county by county school districts and the like do the bidding of the new Marxist. The useful idiots like the person in Washington and Lee University is but one example. I would rather die fighting standing tall rather than these groveling idiots who don’t do anything at all.

  8. I remarked about the Arlington national Cemetery Confederate Memorial before but it shows not my comments

  9. Once again I believe the Arlington national Confederate Memorial is one part of the larger problem with the neo Marxist movement. Some in the Biden administration, several of the States, and many of the local school boards and cities are, in effect, neo Marxist. It’s not my theory, it’s James Lindsay in New Discourses website. I personally would try to have every ability to stop the Arlington national Cemetery Confederate Memorial being put down or moved. I am going against the zeitgeist but I will fight till I die standing up.

  10. The effort to destroy history in Washington DC that you read about in this article is taking place right here in Jacksonville.

    You have the opportunity to stand up for our history, our freedom, our Constitution as they try to silence a genuine solution to the issue by expanding our understanding of our local history . . . it’s called: The Unity Project of Jacksonville.

    Check out the Facebook group.
    Send us an email to get involved @ [email protected]

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