Andrew Gillum: Media darling of Fake News & Candidate for Governor of Florida. Is he corrupt?

Corruption, scandals, and cronyism.

It appears American politicians have lost their way and instead of representing the people they serve, they use their office for personal gains.

Patrick Henry wisely stated,  “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

In other words, if we want to ensure our republic stands as it was intended, we can not and we must not abdicate our role as citizens.  We must demand and expect transparency and integrity from public servants.  And someone needs to keep an Eye on them to ensure they do not become corrupt or use cronyism to get their friends special deals with taxpayer money or special deals for themselves.

Eye has been carefully watching the Governor’s race between Andrew Gillum (D) and Ron DeSantis (R).  The latest scandal associated with Andrew Gillum is frightening.  Debbie G, Eye Writer and Researcher discovered the following:

  Andrew Gillum has been working for 40 hours a week for People for the American Way since 2002 as Director of Youth Outreach.  People for the American Way is a social justice organization based in Washington, DC. Funny thing is this:  He has ALSO held jobs with the City of Tallahassee since  – 2002-2018.  The most recent public service job:  Mayor of Tallahassee.  The taxpayers of Tallahassee are paying his salary AND  People for the American Way are as well.  The issue is this:  People for the American Way pay Andrew Gillum more than he makes as Mayor.  Since 2002 he has received more than $800,000 from this organization for his 40 hour a week job with them. 

  • Why is this not big news? 
  • Isn’t this a conflict of interest? 
  • Shouldn’t the organization People for the American Way be investigated for paying someone for 40 hours of work yet he’s the Mayor of a major city? 
  • Should a Mayor of a City be allowed to work for a social justice organization at the same time?
  • If you are getting more money from a private organization than you do serving as Mayor, who do you think your allegiance is with?  

Good questions Debbie G and good research too!  Debbie discovered this information as she searched the 990 information for People for the American Way.  It’s right there in black and white and if Debbie can find this information – why didn’t the media?

Our founding fathers believed the media was important to sustain our republic and hold political servants accountable.  Unfortunately, the media has not done their job and has created a void in our Republic.  A big void.  The media hates it when Donald Trump calls them out and after seeing this glaring piece of evidence against a Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida, we tend to stand with our President on this matter.  Fake News is real.

The media is either choosing to not write these stories out of ignorance or they are a part of the left and falsifying truth to the American people.  Whatever the reason, it’s terribly disturbing.

That’s why it’s important for platforms such as Eye on Jacksonville and other watch dog groups to keep an Eye on what’s happening in our communities.   We all know that if no one is watching, good people can sometimes turn bad because there is no accountability or transparency.  Why let good people turn bad when we can do something about it?

We at Eye on Jacksonville urge you to help us by sharing our posts with your friends and joining us on social media.  We need to keep an Eye on our local public servants and hold them accountable to our Mission:

Eye On Jacksonville



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