ALL EYES OPEN: Child traffickers dropping off young children in Jacksonville

Eye was sent this video from a concerned reader. We were glued to the entire interview and especially when we heard Jacksonville was housing children from the border in private homes.

The back-story is these children are coming from Texas after being housed in repurposed Wal-Mart facilities.

Clayton Morris, a former Fox News host, interviewed Ann Vandersteel and Michael Yon, who have both been on the border and have seen the horrors of human trafficking first hand.

Eye reached out to Ann Vandersteel and spoke to her about the interview. After our discussion with Ann, Eye sent the video to Sheriff Waters and he acknowledged receipt. We are certain he can’t speak about this horrible discovery and we pray he has a team working on this issue.

We also alerted Mayor Deegan and sent her the video.

We are sending the link of this article/video to every city council member so they will stop playing politics and get busy with the important issues of the day…such as this horrendous crime. We want them to pay attention and alert their constituents to this issue in their districts.

Eye will also contact Governor DeSantis to make sure he uses all his legal authority to stop this insanity and save the children.

Let’s get everyone’s Eyes on this issue and pay attention to your surroundings. Report anything that seems out of the norm to JSO. If your gut thinks something is off, it probably is.

Here’s the video. Please take time and educate yourself.

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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