Tops off for the ladies at local lifeguard training

Jacksonville is making headlines across the country this week after things went awry at the city’s annual lifeguard training.

Before I get into the details, I need to clarify my editorial decision in referring to a lifeguard trainee as a girl. At the time of publication, neither the city nor the media have released the trainee’s age. Some media outlets are describing the person as a woman. Eye on Jacksonville has reached out to the city for answers, but still no word. The city is referring to her as a “they/them.” I will never use they/them pronouns in my articles. It is grammatically incorrect and. honestly, really stupid.

Here is what we know today. Last week a girl took off her shirt exposing her breasts during a lifeguard training course at the Cecil Aquatics Center. Children and families were present. The trainee was allowed to complete a portion of the training. However, since the story broke, allegedly, the city isn’t hiring her.

A parent complained to the city, prompting the city to release the following statement:

“This incident happened Thursday of last week at Cecil Pool. A transgender person, a female who identifies as male, removed their shirt exposing their bare breasts, and completed a portion of the training with 20 other trainees. While we cannot confirm the age of the individuals participating in the training, JaxParks recruits lifeguards starting at age 15. This occurred within view of several dozen children and their parents sharing the same pool at the same time.”

Where were the adults in charge of the training? Why didn’t a city employee pull the trainee aside and ask her to cover up? Why didn’t anyone call the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office? Where were the parents? Why is everyone so scared of standing up for decency?

I believe the city is omitting the trainee’s age for a reason. It will not go over well if city employees allowed a half-naked adult woman to swim around with children.

Mayor Lenny Curry released the following statement:

“Through a citizen expressing concerns, my administration became aware of an incident where a biological female trainee in a lifeguard program was topless at one of our public pools. After consideration of the incident, I believe it is wrong for our public pools to be a place where Jacksonville families are forced to explain to their children why a person hired to protect public safety is exposing her breasts. I see no reason for our lifeguards to be forced to make changes to existing rules mandating that biological females cover their chests. Our parks and public pools are meant to be a place where families can feel safe to enjoy themselves. We shouldn’t force parents of young children to be caught in the crossfire of battles over wokeism.”

Thank you for the statement mayor, but where is the apology? Where is the promise this will not happen again? Where is the assurance to families that public pools will be a safe environment for children? Why wouldn’t you advise families to call police if they see an adult exposing themselves? These are legitimate questions that must be answered.

The local media is so concerned with kowtowing to the gender jihad mob, instead of reaching out to concerned parents, they reached out to an adult male from the Queer Trans Project for a reaction. Spoiler alert, the man doesn’t have a problem with a girl exposing herself. I wonder why?

Action News Jax spoke with Cielo Sunsarae, who is the executive director and founder of the Queer Trans Project. Sunsarae claims, “Kids don’t sexualize breasts, it’s the adults that are making it out bigger than what it is. What is the difference if the person had top surgery or not?”

I am sorry, but I call total bull on that one. My son is fully aware of women’s breasts. He is embarrassed by his mother’s knockers and out of respect for him, I cover up. My little girl is also fully aware of breasts. Putting out the idea that kids do not know is ludicrous, naive and I dare say “intentional.”

Sunsarae goes on to suggest if we are just educated, we won’t have a problem with people exposing their genitals to children. It’s a matter of respect.

“We can’t move past this as a community without proper education, advocacy, and basic respect. No matter how much you don’t agree with someone’s ideals, just respect them,” Sunsarae said.

This has absolutely nothing to do with respect. This has everything to do with adults trying to sexualize children. There is nothing respectful about people exposing themselves to children. That is a crime. That is sexual abuse. The girl, if she turns out to be an adult, should have been arrested. The only “respectful” choice is to cover up in front of kids. Modest is hottest.

I would like to point out, during the Action News Jax on-air package, the reporter refers to the trainee as a man and calls her a ‘he,’ throughout the broadcast.

“He took off his shirt exposing his breasts.”

If a man was exposing his breasts, there isn’t a story. But, this isn’t a man. It is female pretending to be a man. Language matters. He who controls the language controls the argument.

The only reason we even know this occurred is because a brave parent called the city to complain. Personally, I would have called the police first and then followed up with the city. But that is just me.

The city owns 33 outdoor public pools and one massive indoor pool at the Cecil Aquatics Center. Swimming is a big deal in Jacksonville. Several Olympic swimmers, including gold medalists, are from the First Coast.

Every year the city holds lifeguard and CPR training for free for those who wish to work the summer season. Thousands of kids swim in our city’s pools every year. As a parent, I would never allow my child to visit a public place designed for families if there is a chance of being exposed to city sanctioned adult nudity. And I am sure thousands of other parents in this town agree. Personally, I think this is a stunt to expose the city to a lawsuit. The city has a lot of PR-ing to do to undo this one.

This is just another facet of the total transformation of our culture. Top down (literally), bottom up. Inside out.

We will continue to keep our Eye on this developing story.

EOMC Editor

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