This is not the weekend for birthing people

It’s Birthing People’s weekend! How are you celebrating the chest feeder in your life? A nice Sunday brunch? A special gift? A bouquet of flowers? Those things are all great, but can a few beautiful buds and a nice meal sum up the worth of the person who gave you the gift of life?

Mothers are important. Without them we cannot exist. Today, our culture tells us family isn’t important, men are now women and believing otherwise is some form of white supremacy/racism. As a mother of two young children, I can assure you, I am the most important thing in their life. Mothers provide unconditional love, support and a sense of belonging for their children. Even at my age, I still need my mother. I lean on her for everything. I could not imagine life without her. I know I belong in this world because my mother loves me. There is a sacred bond between mother and child. A bond that can never be replaced by anything.

I am deeply offended by politicians using national platforms to insist people stop using the term woman because it is offensive to mentally ill men pretending to be women. I refuse. I will not be reduced to “a person with a uterus.” I know it sounds insane. But this ideology is now rampant throughout OB/GYN offices across America. During my last annual physical, the paperwork I had to fill out asked which pronouns I use. Of course, I filled in, “two-spirit/God Queen.” Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers. I guess they forgot the name of the practice is, ‘Women’s Care.’

There is a massive push in the medical field to indoctrinate doctors into believing this madness. The site Contemporary OB/GYN features the article, “Inclusion is not Erasure,” written by three female doctors. These three doctors are all Harvard educated and work at Boston Children’s Hospital where they “allegedly,” mutilate and chemically castrate children’s and adult bodies for profit. This is the same hospital which recently made headlines after their alleged children’s butcher shop was exposed by Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok. Once exposed, the hospital “updated,” its website to include only adults. See the original website here:

According to these so-called doctors, “… the clinical reality is that pregnancy is neither experienced solely by women nor possible for all women.” The authors, when discussing abortion services, refer to women as “individuals who can become pregnant.” The point of the article is to suggest women should never use gendered language because it could hurt the feelings of men who think they are women, when accessing abortion services. (Yes, you read that right.) So, all humans should be reduced to non-descriptive vague terms to define themselves for inclusivity. We have a massive societal problem when Harvard educated medical professionals write published articles, claiming some other made-up sex can get pregnant and deliver a human baby. When the basic fundamentals of life and biology are perverted for political gain or feelings, you end up with a culture in decline.

The White House is also erasing women in official documents. In the Biden Administration’s 2022 fiscal year budget, the word, “mothers” was changed to “birthing people,” in a section discussing public health funding. What an insult.

This is another example of the Left inserting its societal rot into our everyday lives. Erasing women falls under the fundamental transformation of our nation. Erase us, and you erase the nuclear family. A major stated goal of many Marxist progressive groups across the country.

Before I had children, I never really thought of myself as a “woman.” I would have never referred to myself using that term. Maybe it was a way to cling to my youth. To me, a woman seemed like an old lady. I didn’t understand how awesome it is to be a woman. Now, I am proud to be a woman. I did something a man can never do. Twice. The experience of carrying a baby to term, delivering the baby and then sacrificing every aspect of my life for that baby, is so empowering. I used my boobs to feed two humans I grew! How amazing! I look at my children and still think, “Wow I did that.”

When my husband asked me to stay home to raise our children, I thought he is crazy. There is no way I am sitting at home with a baby. I have to work. I have to make money. How can I be of value to my marriage and society without financially contributing? I have a bachelor’s degree. I cannot waste my education by changing diapers and slaving away in the kitchen all day.

Because I am the perfect daughter, I asked my mom her thoughts on me quitting work. She asked why it is so important for my generation to value money over children. I was insulted at first. But after thinking about it, she is right. When did it become normal for women to push out a baby, then six weeks later send the child to day care to be raised by other women, so you can work? Why does our society look down upon stay-at-home moms and celebrate working mothers like they are heroes making some grand sacrifice? The true sacrifice is giving up your wants for those of your children.

Throughout middle and high school, we are told over and over the most important thing is to get good grades so you can go to college. Then all throughout college we are told over and over how financially amazing our future will be because we attended university. After college, we are expected to start our career and dedicate our lives to that career until we are 65 years old. My mother is the only person in my life who didn’t stress the importance of school, university or money. She taught me the most important things in life are living a Godly life, finding a husband and raising a family. If you do those things, everything else will fall into place, naturally. She was and still is, right.

After the birth of my son, I returned to work. I hated it. I could have cared less about anything other than being with my baby. I was so angry at myself for taking out a student loan to attend UF. Now, I didn’t have a choice. I had to work to pay back my debt. It was a cruel reality for me. After the birth of my daughter, I realized I didn’t know how to do anything. My mother raised my son for me while I was at work. She taught him how to eat solid food, potty trained him, taught him songs and how to pray. My son preferred her over me. It broke my heart. I wasn’t going to miss out on teaching my

daughter the things I couldn’t teach my son. So, I did the scariest thing I have ever done. I quit. At the time I was teaching middle school T.V. Production. When I told my principal I was going to stay home with my two babies, her exact words to me were: “How could you do this to the kids?” I was stunned. How could I do this to the students? What about my children? Am I more valuable inside the classroom than at home?

Real talk here, ladies. Stop believing the lie that “you can have it all.” A nice house, a husband, successful career, two kids, a dog, amazing social life and paid time off. You can’t. As a woman, somewhere along the way, you are going to have to make sacrifices, which eventually turn into your life’s greatest joys.

These past six years of being a stay-at-home mom have been some of the best years of my life. I have had time to shake off the selfish girl in me and mature into an empathetic woman. I have been there for every moment of my children’s lives. I have had time to focus on my health, giving me the confidence to feel sexy post babies for my man. Most importantly, I have the honor of being a servant to my family. I support my husband by taking care of the house, providing meals and allowing him to enjoy his time at home with our children. My husband tells me all the time, he could never have the career he has now without me being home. In turn, I could never have become the woman and mother I am without him.

The left hates mothers like me. I represent everything they are trying to destroy. I find great pride in that.

This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to drive a liberal insane by honoring your mother and all the women in your life. Celebrate everything they have done for you.

Never forget, you ruined your mother’s body, her sleep, career, social life, her nerves and made her crazy with worry since the second you were born. And she would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamma! I love you.

Lindsey Roberts

Lindsey Roberts graduated from the University of Florida where she studied history and journalism. She was a multimedia producer at First Coast News for five years and then pursued her career as a Mommy to two beautiful children. She has always followed political news and anything specifically related to issues affecting the family and the American way of life. She is ready to get back to her roots by writing for Eye On My City. We are thrilled to have her onboard!!

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