Taking away your fun. No docks for you. But docks for buddies! Who would do that?

Capt. Rodney Williams of the Jacksonville & North Florida Boaters Community recently sent emails and letters to the editor for our city publications.  Why?  Because he’s not happy that the City of Jacksonville has taken away boaters’ ability to dock their boats at fun events and locations along downtown.  Read about it here:  Boaters upset

Tonight the Jacksonville Landing will host a Cinco de Mayo event.  It looks like a lot of fun but the City doesn’t want you to have fun at The Landing.   At least that how it appears to us.

Why wouldn’t the City want us to have fun at the Landing?

Because the City of Jacksonville has always resisted that development.  Way before Sleiman Enterprises owned it, the Rouse Company was frustrated with Jacksonville politics.  They threw their hands up and left town.  It’s amazing The Landing has survived as long as it has because the same frustrating political tactics are still in play.

The City NEVER provided the parking for The Landing shoppers and visitors.  Without parking for cars, people can’t shop and businesses perish.   That’s a simple deduction and one that the City “leaders” need to understand.  We do so I’m surprised they don’t.  They act as if they are smarter than us so go figure.

Now the ultimate squeeze is on deck (dock).  The Landing docks are to be maintained by the City.  The outside perimeter of the Landing is the city’s responsibility too.  Front of building, etc.  Without docks for boaters, The Landing will suffer even more abuse at the hands of those in charge of the perimeter – our city administration!

It looks like the big squeeze is on.  Take them out with NO PARKING.  Take them out with NO DOCKING.

How would one expect The Landing to survive with these behaviors by the perimeter keepers?

BIG NEWS:  While they ignore the docks at The Landing — the City Council and the Downtown Investment Authority are praising the big development on the other side of the river, The District.  And guess who will be in charge of the new docks to be BUILT and maintained — the City.  Excuse me:  The taxpayers of the City, that is.  That’s you. That’s me.  That’s all of us for years to come.

The District will be voted on soon by The City Council and I heard yesterday — The District Deal is done.  It’s going to happen.  No one wants to vote against this deal because if they do, they can’t get their deals done.  (Sounds similar to the DC Politicians doesn’t it?)  WOW.  That’s politics for you.  Or politicians with no backbone, that is.

And by the way — the developer of the District was a prime supporter of the Mayor.

And by the way — the owner of The Landing did not support our Mayor during his campaign.

I’m sure there is nothing to see here.  Nothing stinks, right?

All I know is this – NO DOCKS FOR YOU!  Now hand over your money so we can build more of them…for our buddies.


This is our opinion.  What’s yours?







Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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