School Superintendent Diana Greene’s job said to be in jeopardy

If the buck really stops here, as President Truman famously said, Diana Greene may be on her way out.

She already is phasing herself out, having enlisted in the DROP phased-retirement program, but her contract as school superintendent does not officially end until 2025.

That could all change Wednesday April 26.

The School Board is having a special meeting that day and one item that may be on the agenda is to end Greene’s tenure.

The reason is the horrible mess at Douglas Anderson School, where a teacher has been arrested after complaints from more than 100 students.

Jeffrey Clayton, 56, has been charged with lewd and lascivious conduct involving a student. He allegedly kissed and fondled at least one student and had more than 1,700 text messages with students on his phone.

The teacher retired and the school district is being sued.

The concern is reports that allegations against Clayton go back at least two years. Several former teachers have said they reported inappropriate behavior by Clayton.

In addition, the media has reported other teachers may have been involved in similar conduct.

The purpose of the Wednesday board meeting is to discuss an internal investigation of the matter but it could widen into Greene’s status as well.

Liberals are circling the wagons to protect and support Greene. One rally is planned for Tuesday, April 25.

Greene came to the city in 2018 from Bradenton where she successfully led an effort to raise taxes while superintendent of that district. In 2022, she succeeded in having sales taxes and property taxes increased in Jacksonville.

Lloyd Brown

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