Release the Videos!! Speaker Johnson makes good on his promises

As you may already be aware, brand-new Speaker, Michael Johnson, has accomplished the seemingly impossible, a miraculous feat that previous Speakers were completely unable to accomplish: the government will finally release to the public the (*nearly) complete January 6th Capitol videos:

Reactions varied. On one hand, Representative Clay Higgins predicted that the release of the video will destroy the careers of a number of key democrats, presumably the ones involved in the democrats’ pestilential January 6th Committee:

Unsurprisingly, there are some caveats, but only very few. The 40,000 hours of video will be released in large batches, or ‘tranches,’ since it must all be reviewed first. Reasonably, “sensitive” clips disclosing secret Capitol security features will be withheld. More oddly, some faces of “identifiable individuals” will be redacted or blurred out. At this point, we can only guess who this group of “identifiable individuals” includes, or how common the blurring will actually be.

But the blurring could backfire. Blurring a face could in essence highlight a person, and make a game out of discovering their identity.

It’s not clear to me why, but online attacks were building last week against the House and its new speaker. The release of the video has not satisfied carpers, who have shifted to criticizing the way it is being released.

One of last week’s recurring theme went: “Republicans are useless; give them the House and they accomplish nothing.” That is blackpill nonsense and anyone spouting it is confused or controlled opposition.

First of all, the Republicans barely won the house. They only have a +4 majority. In other words, they can only afford to lose four votes out of 435. It’s not realistic to think that every Republican is going to vote the same way every time. To believe that Republicans are conservative robots who should all vote precisely the same way on every issue is worse than childlike.

Second, the House has some power, but it’s only half of Congress — and the Democrats control the Senate. So it’s not clear exactly what complainers think the Republicans in the House are supposed to be doing that they aren’t.

Obviously, releasing the J6 video hasn’t satisfied them.

But finally, it’s an offensive slander to claim they’ve accomplished nothing. It’s a lie straight from the pits of Hell.

Here are just a few things Republicans in the House have accomplished this year despite having only a razor-thin majority:

  • They immediately ended the tyrannical reign of the putrid January 6th Committee and its amply-proportioned chairman Bennie Thompson.
  • They created a number of exceptional investigatory committees that are now digging in and creating a permanent Congressional record on key issues that were previously being completely ignored, if not covered up, including: Biden bribery, the Covid coverup, China, and the Weaponization of the Federal Government.
  • The new committees have been working hard. For example, James Comer (R-Ky.) and his Oversight committee have been releasing critical evidence about Biden bribery, and it is still working diligently to make an airtight case and show the public what has been happening for decades.

Here’s a great clip of Representative Comer pushing back on some attempted smears this week in a fiery exchange with a low-information democrat:

  • The House initiated impeachment proceedings against President Robert L. Peters, or whatever alias he’s using these days, which is a pretty big deal.

(Not to speculate about internal political strategy, but remember that Mr. Biden only has a year left to go. Nor do Republicans control the Senate, which must vote to convict. So there’s not much point in starting impeachment now, and anyway the process wouldn’t finish until Biden had a few months left anyway. Might it be a better strategy to hold off on commencing impeachment for now, keeping it as a ‘plan b’ in case Biden somehow cheats his way into the White House again?)

Those are just a few examples.

People who claim “the House Republicans haven’t done one single thing” are either confused or are just trying to stir up trouble.

Jeff Childers

Jeff Childers is the president and founder of the Childers Law firm. Jeff interned at the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Orlando, where he helped write several widely-cited opinions. He then worked as an associate with the prestigious firm of Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida before moving back to Gainesville and founding Childers Law. Jeff served for three years on the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Eighth Judicial Bar Association, and on the Rules Committee for the Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Jeff has published several articles as co-author with Professor William Page of the Levin College of Law (University of Florida) on the topic of anti-trust in the Microsoft case. He also is the author of an article on the topic of Product Liability in the Software Context. Jeff focuses his area of practice on commercial litigation, elections law, and constitutional issues. He is a skilled trial litigator and appellate advocate.

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