Please contact those who are not enforcing laws on non-essential abortions. You have the time so let’s do this.

We received this information from an Eye on Jacksonville follower. We AGREE that something must be done to stop this NOW. Please take your time today to make your calls or email the people listed below.

Abortions are not being performed in Texas unless the mother’s life is in danger.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the need to preserve health care capacity for COVID-19 patients should be the focus during this crisis.


All four abortuaries in JAX have not shut their doors. They are performing business as usual. And…Planned Parenthood has added an additional abortion day to their week. They schedule 30 abortion appointments three days a week – that is 90 abortions a week.

Moreover, they are open for morning after pills FIVE days a week on a “walk-in” basis!

Just imagine the number of young people – of the age which carries the virus without symptoms – who enter that facility!

Last night, President Trump extended Federal Social Distancing Guidelines until April 30, 2020. It’s time Governor DeSantis enforce his Executive Order 20-72 regarding non-essential elective medical procedures. Abortion is a choice. That’s what the left says so let’s use their words against them. They choose to have an abortion so it is a non-essential medical procedure!


Call or email the following and ask them to enforce Florida’s Executive Order 20-72 by writing a CEASE AND DESIST letter to the abortion centers:

Governor Ron DeSantis — [email protected] 850.488.7146

Attorney General Ashley Moody – [email protected] 850.414.3990

United States Representative John Rutherford – [email protected] 904.831.5205

Florida State Senator Aaron Bean – [email protected] 904.757.5039

Florida State Representative Clay Yarborough [email protected] 904.723.5300

Florida Department of Health – Duval County Dr. Pauline [email protected] 904.253.1000

JSO Sheriff Mike Williams 904.630.2120

SAY: “While businesses have been closed, abortion centers remain open in our state, continuing to perform elective procedures and disregarding social distancing, putting ALL our lives at risk of COVID-19. I call on the governor and his staff to ACT NOW and close the abortion businesses before the deadly virus spreads further!”

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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