Need a weapon for self defense? Fox pee is the answer!

This is a new way for Eye on Jacksonville to serve the community. We will be posting weekly Local Business WINKS and our first one had to be controversial — of course!

Eye ran into the founder of Pee Pistol and as he described how fox pee can elicit a strong, negative reaction in humans, we laughed. Of course fox pee would create a negative reaction if someone got squirted with it. But it truly is not a laughing matter after he explained how it works.

The powerful odor of fox urine can cause vomiting and watery eyes. Often described as noxious, this stink is not easily removed from clothing or skin. It has been used as a method for deterring pests and small animals and it is an organic compound. And we are all into organic these days, aren’t we?

Pee Pistol’s website describes what happens when used against an attacker:

Pee Pistol may disarm and disorient an attacker, but it causes no long term harm (aside from a lingering stench as vile as their life choices). This makes Pee Pistol safe enough for the hands of a child but potent enough to keep you safe.

Pee Pistol’s small size makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse. At just two ounces, Pee Pistol is small enough to meet TSA requirements for carry-on bags.

So if you are against guns to protect yourself and mace can’t be taken on an airplane, nature has provided the answer — a Pee Pistol.

Check our more about this unique product and order your supply here:

Just so you know, we asked the founder how he retains the fox pee for his product. He couldn’t share that as it is a trade secret. Now of course you are all wondering how he gets it and the images in your head must be hysterical.

I will not tell how they get my pee. I’m under contract!

If you are interested in being recognized as a local business owner, contact Billie Tucker Volpe at [email protected] and we’ll share ways to make that happen.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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