Libraries educated the wrong people on the wrong things

A library is a place of discovery, imagination, suspense — and porn?

Years ago, pornographic content would be kept behind a counter, in a locked cabinet or in an adult establishment. But, today one can check out a pornographic book at your local library.

A little digging and I found that the American Library Association (ALA) funded during the 2019-2020 award period a research grant called “Library Staff and Drag Queen Perspectives and Decision-Making About Drag Queen Storytimes.”

In the 2017-2018 award period there was a research grant for “Information Behaviors Among LGBTQ Students at Single-Sex Historically black colleges and Universities.”

When did public libraries become sexual advocates? And, more importantly, why?

Recently, parents have been demonized for raising concern over the sexual content found in school libraries. The American Association of School Libraries is a division within the ALA.

Clay County libraries have pornographic books rated for young adults (YA), ages 12 to 18. These books are not kept behind a counter or in a locked cabinet, but on a shelf. Also, Florida Statute 847 states that it is illegal to expose a minor, any individual under the age of 18, to sexual content. Young teens are impressionable, inquisitive and full of hormones, so, in today’s world, it makes no sense to offer them pornographic material. The entertainment industry does enough of that. 

If the media were doing its job it would be asking how this nation got to the point where institutions that once stood for all that was good were grooming our children with sexually inappropriate content at such young ages. 

Debbie Gonzalez

Researcher and Writer Debbie a native of New York became a resident of Jacksonville via the U.S. Navy. After separating from the navy she worked for both Grumman Aerospace and later Northrup-Grumman Aerospace. After almost 20 years in the aviation industry, she went back to college to change professions. Going back to school as an adult that had lived all over the United States and abroad she had experience in culture and circumstance, which created an incongruity with the material being taught. At that point she began questioning the validity of the material and made the observation that to pass her courses she had to agree, at least on paper, with the material. She graduated about the same time as the Wall Street crash of 2008 and jobs were now difficult to find. So, with time on her hand she began to look into other areas to see if the incongruity existed outside of the college curriculum as well. This is where her mission for the truth began. Since then she has worked to get facts out to the public.

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