Jennifer Canady from Lakeland beats out Jessica Baker from Jacksonville for Florida Speaker of the House

We wondered if the real reason Jessica Baker wanted to run for state legislature was to become the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House in Florida is a key figure in the state’s legislative process, with significant power to shape the agenda and direction of the House of Representatives. It wields much power and the gavel is strong.

We speculated about her real desires to win the seat in the legislature because her husband is a political consultant who enjoys power and influence behind the scenes. He is very much behind the scenes in political decisions in Jacksonville and was the driving force for his wife’s campaign.

Jessica Baker’s campaign was considered vile by many and the attacks on Christina Meredith – her opponent – were outright horrid. Just recently Christina Meredith published a press release about the vicious campaign against her. You can read it here.

Although Jessica beat Christina she lost a lot of respect from local residents due to her campaign tactics. We were happy to receive this text announcing that Jennifer Canady had won the respect of her peers and chose her instead of Jessica Baker as their Speaker-designate.

Jennifer Canady’s heart is in the right place and her platform tells you all you need to know about this upcoming Speaker’s agenda.

Canady’s platform reflects her deep commitment to conservative values and her dedication to making Florida a better place for families, businesses, and communities. One of her top priorities is economic growth, and she has pledged to cut taxes to provide relief to Floridians who are struggling with rising costs at the pump and grocery store. Additionally, she wants to curb abuses in the court system that drive up the cost of property insurance and make home affordability more difficult.

Canady is also committed to protecting Florida’s position as the most fiscally sound state in the nation. To achieve this goal, she wants to keep taxes low and ensure that state resources are used wisely and efficiently.

Another key aspect of Canady’s platform is education. As a teacher herself, she understands the importance of empowering parents to play a more direct role in their child’s education. To this end, she wants to give parents the ability to choose the school that best meets their child’s needs and invest more resources directly into the classroom. She also wants to harden schools and classrooms to protect students and teachers from potential threats.

Canady’s commitment to law enforcement is evident in her platform. She wants to give law enforcement officers the tools they need to keep communities safe and upgrade the state’s infrastructure to ease traffic congestion and support economic growth. Additionally, she wants to protect Florida’s environment and water quality to maintain its rich agricultural sector.

Not only does she sound like the perfect Speaker-designate, but we’re absolutely thrilled to applaud her resounding victory! She has a lot of work to do and Eye will be keeping an Eye on her as she plans her work and works her plan.

To learn more about Jennifer Canady, check out her campaign website here.

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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