Is It Really That Bad?

Apparently, no one is qualified to be Duval County’s Superintendent of Schools.

Well… I take that back….

Out of the 10 people who applied for the open position back in October, only 5 met the minimum requirements.

So, the board suspended the search and extended the contract of interim superintendent until the end of the school year in June.

Next month the board will try again with the Florida School Boards Association now leading the nationwide search.

The position’s original posting required a master’s degree, 10 years of leadership experience and a leadership role within a district of more than 25,000 students.

The salary offered a range of $275,000 to $350,000.

Intending to attract more candidates, the school board is considering changing the degree requirements, essential functions of the job and salary.

According to consultants, a salary of up to $350,000 is a risk some potential applicants “couldn’t afford to make.” Plus starting a new job in January apparently was too much of an inconvenience.

Consultants also claim applicants do not want the job because they are too scared of upcoming school board elections and “volatility in the role”. Isn’t it great when they are willing to say the quite part out loud?

Not only are the consultants admitting the applicants are greedy yellow bellies, but also the job is political.

Pay attention to the language used in School Board Chair Dr. Kelly Coker’s statement to the media after suspending the search back in October. “Our clear interest is to find a person who has demonstrated capability to move a district of our size and diversity to a higher level of achievement.”

Ahh… there’s the magic word… Diversity.

They paused the search to find the right patsy… oops, I mean… “person” for diversity’s sake. That statement leads me to believe the board will decide to lower the position’s degree requirements, scale back “essential functions” of the job and probably raise the already grotesquely high $350,000 earning potential.  

The board now hopes to have a new superintendent in place by July.

Just pick someone already. Honestly, it cannot get any worse than the last one.

The position has been vacant since our last superintendent was forced to “retire” after several high-profile scandals came to light last year.

Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights…

During Dr. Diana Greene’s tenure as DCPS Superintendent of Schools she pretended not to know about years of alleged abuse of students at Douglas Anderson after several teachers were fired.

Greene was also out to lunch when it became public D.A.’s Principal was separating student events based on race.

Greene even had the cojones to tell a Florida Grand Jury she had no clue officers with the DCPS Police Department were committing “outright fraud” by under-reporting hundreds of assaults and crime on school campuses to “make a better impression.”

Things got so bad under her leadership, more than 10,000 students left DCPS for local charter and private schools.

But over and above all of that… my favorite selfless act by Dr. Greene, is when she publicly refused to take a $310,000 a year salary. She graciously accepted a $25 thousand dollar pay raise from her co-workers and agreed to $300,000.

Greene seriously said accepting a lower salary is a “show of support for teachers.” Dr. Greene claims, “one way I try to show leadership is walk the walk and talk the talk.”

The average salary for DCPS teachers is $49,000. And as I recall, $50 grand is almost exactly the same as $300 grand. Almost.

After five years of watching our school district become a joke, our School Board begrudgingly kicked Greene to the curb in June of 2023. She was allowed to save face and “retire.”

But it didn’t take long for Greene to show us who she really is.

Dr. Greene believes the same system which provided her a cushy low-accountability career with more than a quarter million-dollar salary is racist. And the only way to fight completely fake systemic racism, is to accept a reported $280,000 C.E.O. position with the non-profit, Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI,) funded by $21.7 million in grants from our systemically racist Department of Education, collected from hard-working racist taxpayers.

Dr. Greene proudly tells a local reporter, “As CEO I am representing an organization whose whole focus is on black and brown children.” She continues, “nationally only 1 and 4 African American or Latinx children are proficient readers by grade 4. And we are focused on and changing that. And part of that is dismantling structural racism that knowingly or unknowingly happened in our public schools.”

Now, I get it. It is racism’s fault kids can’t read. Not the parents, teachers or even “the system.”

According to their website, CLI “seeks to dismantle structural racism by providing Black and Latinx children with the anti-racist early literacy instruction, support, and advocacy needed to create equity in education.”

Dr. Greene says she wants to make sure all children, and by “children” she really means, all but the white ones, “receive the effective, joyful, and culturally responsive literacy instruction they deserve.”

Like myself, you might be wondering what the heck is “culturally responsive literacy instruction.” Well, the idea is so blatantly evil and racist, only a true Marxist “educator” could love it. 

“Culturally responsive literacy instruction,” is code for school sponsored segregation based on race. The Marxist phrase really means, black teachers only teaching black kids and Hispanic teachers only teaching Hispanic kids. The idea is black and Hispanic children cannot learn from a teacher who is white because white people’s unconscious biases, racism and white privilege ultimately oppress minority children in order to advance the white race.

These morons seriously teach minority children, segregation based on race, is the best chance for them to achieve academic success. While at the same time teaching white children, their skin color is the reason minority children suffer. The ideology people like Diana Greene believe and anti-white racist indoctrination groups like the Children’s Literacy Initiative are a cancer upon our culture and a major threat to our nation’s future.  

I point all of this out to make it clear this is the type of person hand-picked by our School Board to lead the district. A flawed, inept, racist, out of touch and frankly, not smart individual.

Dr. Greene was not chosen for merit, her accomplishments or for her outstanding leadership skills. She was given the position because she checked all the right ideological boxes.

In a completely unrelated coincidence, within the same school year DCPS lost its first and second in command due to their own ineptitude. Two highly educated wealthy women now themselves victims of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Everyone’s favorite former School Board Chair Elizabeth Andersen says, “it’s not an easy job.”

She speaks from experience.

The great news for those willing to lose their taxpayer funded career in humiliating fashion… this is Jacksonville. There is always another city sponsored spirit of the age nonprofit ready to scoop you up.

Like OneJax.

Lindsey Roberts

Lindsey Roberts graduated from the University of Florida where she studied history and journalism. She was a multimedia producer at First Coast News for five years and then pursued her career as a Mommy to two beautiful children. She has always followed political news and anything specifically related to issues affecting the family and the American way of life. She is ready to get back to her roots by writing for Eye On My City. We are thrilled to have her onboard!!

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