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Guest Writer, Kenneth Timmerman, lives in North Florida after retiring here from a professional career in the days of real journalism. He continues to stay involved by keeping an eye on political developments and recently published his latest book, The Election Heist. Eye welcomes guest writers and we are honored to have Ken Timmerman join our platform.


This Saturday, January 8th, you can listen live at 1:05 PM in the Jacksonville/Fernandina Beach area on 104.9 FM (“Way” Radio). I will be discussing the insurrection – in Kazakhstan, not the phony “insurrection” of January 6. The one you probably know nothing about due to the lack of motivation by the media to report this historic event.

Did you know violent mobs on the streets of the Kazakh capitol have set fire to the presidential palace, the mayor’s office, and erected barricades. Dozens of police and protestors have been killed, and now Russian troops have been called in to shoot protesters.

This is what a real insurrection looks like – not the mob that broke into the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

That said, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are doing their best to ignite a real insurrection in this country through their attempts to ban President Trump from ever again holding elective office, and their threats to kick Republican members out of Congress because their condemnations of Jan. 6 have not been effusive enough. Add that to Schumer’s threats to blow up the Senate by abolishing the filibuster to pass legislation that will federalize our election system – and allow Democrats to cheat their way into permanent power – and you have the sparks for a real insurrection in this country. 

I don’t know whether Schumer realizes he is playing with fire, but cooler heads in his party need to knock some sense into him before he takes the entire country off the cliff. If you think I am exaggerating, you should listen to Rachel Maddow or some of the idiots on CNN or The View. They really believe that Republicans – ALL Republicans except for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – are insurrectionist thugs who should be thrown in jail and stripped of their civil rights. We are “threats” to their “democracy” and must be suppressed. This is a widely-held view, not just in the Progressive Wing of the party. And it is truly dangerous. Once they demonize and dehumanize their political adversary- as Alinsky taught them to do – it’s very easy to use violence to defeat him, since after all he is now the ENEMY.

If you miss the show live you can always listen in later by following this link. https://www.jimmydeyoungjr.org/2021-podcasts  Look for the Prophecy Today Weekend link for 1-8-22. I am always on in the first segment of the show.

And if you missed the show last week, Jimmy DeYoung, Jr., has broken out my take on the three big foreign policy stories that will dominate 2022 in a 4  minute segment on his daily podcast, here:


Yours in freedom (until they take it from my cold, dead hands).

Ken Timmerman

To learn more about Ken go to his website here.

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