“Hit Free Zones” in Jax? Yep, your City Council is considering managing parental discipline. What?

How can someone be against a resolution that sets up “Hit Free Zones” in Jacksonville.  It’s hard to argue that you WANT TO HIT or BE HIT or HIT SOMEONE because immediately you sound like a fool.

And isn’t that how liberals always do it?  They make up new laws that sound good for us.  You know what I mean.  We’ve seen it so many times before such as:

The “Affordable” HealthCare Act (How affordable has that been for you?)

Abortion:  A Woman’s Right to Choose (But the baby inside the woman has no choice.)

Schools:  Gun Free Zones (See how that’s kept guns off school grounds?)

Yep, they all sounded great and we all know — they were only smoke and mirror legislation to get their own agendas passed.

The agenda to control the people.


Liberals love controlling people.  They truly feel they know what is best for us.

Today we are posting a THINK Eye about a proposed resolution up for consideration by the City Council.  Garrett Dennis proposed the resolution 2018-171.  

Dennis said, “Jacksonville public facilities, public buildings are a place of safety.  A place where violence will not be tolerated.”  (Excuse me Mr. Dennis:  When did we tolerate violence in our public facilities?)

Soon you might see “Hit-Free Zone” signs.  They would be posted in all public buildings and employees would be trained in “supportive intervention.”  WHAT?  Who’s doing the training?  What authority will they have?

The program puts a special focus on adults hitting children.  Such as slapping their hand if they are into something they should not be?  Or popping them on their buttocks for misbehaving?  Or grabbing their arm to keep them from running in the hallways?  Can you imagine a “supportive intervention” for parents disciplining their children?

Dennis was approached by Wolfson Children’s Hospital to propose this resolution.  They are implementing this same idea inside the hospital.

So let’s get this straight.  If you are against “Hit-Free Zones” then you look like the bad guy.  If you are for “Hit-Free Zones” you have now displaced your parental authority with the trained “supportive intervention personnel.”


  • Don’t we have laws on the books now about abusing children?
  • What will this “resolution” do that those laws don’t do now?
  • Should the government be in charge of “supportive intervention?”


What say you?  What do you THINK?

Contact your City Council Member and let him/her know what you think.  Here’s the link to all members of the City Council:  Jacksonville City Council





Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.


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