Governor DeSantis: Really weird announcement…running on Trump’s Platform

We watched the twitter spaces for the big announcement about Gov. DeSantis’ run for President. It became a long wait as Twitter Spaces crashed and burned which created a “flat” announcement.

When we couldn’t get on with Twitter, we found the following video announcement by DeSantis that also created more of a “flatness” to his big day.

The flatness was because it was a video announcement like Biden did instead of a rally of his followers clapping and cheering about his announcement.

And…stranger still was DeSantis’ message at the end when he said he wants to “lead our Great American Comback.” Those words reminded us of Trump’s 2024 Presidential announcement when he used the words, “America’s Comeback Starts Right Now.”

And when he used those words during his State of the Union three years ago. View it here.

After listening to the announcement, we switched back to Twitter Spaces to see if it was back up and DeSantis was on reading what he wanted to say. There was no video and all you could do was sit there and listen to the audio. Boring to say the least.

The whole announcement was a big “dud” and will set the tone for his campaign moving forward.

I am a big admirer of DeSantis and have known him for a very long time. We did work together in the tea party days and our members made sure he was known across the state of Florida by the grassroots when he ran for Congress and then when he ran for Governor. We love his policies and feel he will go down in history as one of Florida’s best Governors.

We wish he would stay there and finish the job we gave him in November.

But alas he has bigger aspirations than being a Governor. His dream of being President is driving him to run against Trump…the one who took him over the hump to win against Gillum. Remember this ad DeSantis used to win?

He used Trump to win and that, my friends, hurts my heart to think he would turn on him. This is going to divide the party and the friends I have now – may not be friends later on as we take our seats in the camps of DeSantis or Trump.

This is a sad day in America as We the People must decide what camp to sit in and which Comeback Kid we want to follow in the primary.

Hang on – it’s going to be a wild ride during the primary and feelings will be hurt, friends will leave you and the Dems will jump for joy as we fight amongst ourselves.

“If DeSantis wants to run on the same platform as Trump did, here’s a list of Trump’s accomplishments.  He can start there and add to or improve this list.”

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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2 responses to “Governor DeSantis: Really weird announcement…running on Trump’s Platform”

  1. I voted for Trump twice but never again. His mouth deleted any of his accomplishments. Even though there may have been

    some fraud (there always will be) he was defeated and we, as a

    party, will be defeated soundly if he is our nominee. I would
    hope people would realize Trump does not unite but sadly is tearing our party apart. In another vein, does anyone really think the Democrat party plans to run Biden. They are not stupid! Michelle Obama, or someone equally attractive to the Independents, is waiting in the wings. The only chance the Republicans have to compete in that arena will be a very attractive (in every area) man or woman. Are we going to miss another opportunity??

  2. All great points Billie. I, too, feel the Governor needs to do his job as elected for four more years. It is not his time and he is hurting his branding. I’m staying neutral. It doesn’t matter who wins the primary – cannot seriously see another Republican president until election integrity is achieved in America. Will vote for whomever wins the R primary in general election.

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