Jesus and the Same Old Snakes

“Billie, grab your phone and come quick!”

My husband was working in the yard and sounded distressed.  I did as he said wondering what was going on.

As I approached the back door of the lanai – he said, “Look at that snake.  Take a picture and let’s see what kind it is.”

I was shocked at the size of it.  It wasn’t long but it was extremely fat in its center section and I had a feeling it had just eaten some precious, innocent bird or squirrel.  The snake was moving away from our house and I ran up behind it to get a good picture.  

As I got closer – I slowed down to make sure the snake didn’t know I was there.  I got a few pictures quickly but the snake’s radar felt me behind him and he stopped, raised his head and began to turn it to see what the danger might be.  The danger was “Billie” and I suddenly realized he could turn and strike me in a second!

As he turned, I did too and ran as fast as Billie could (which isn’t very fast) to get away from it.  It continued on its way leaving our backyard and leaving a trail of fear in my insides behind it.

I quickly posted the picture online as I stood in the backyard and asked, “What is this?”

Immediately my son saw the post and commented, “It’s a water moccasin, Mom!  Don’t get near it.  Stay away.”  My answer to him, “No problem!”

I trusted he was right because my son is an avid outdoorsmen and he’s seen many a snake in his years walking in the woods.  And other friends online who had experience commented and agreed with him – yep it was a water moccasin.  

It was an unnerving experience and I find myself treading lightly in the yard now.

I was thinking of this experience as I was reflecting on the message of Easter.  

What??  You might think I’m crazy but stay with me for a minute.

The reason Jesus ended up on the cross was because of snakes that had turned on his message of love.

We all know the snake named Judas who spent 3 years under Jesus’ teaching but out of greed and the desire for Jesus to do things Judas’ way, he turned on Jesus and turned him over to the authorities.  

But there were other snakes such as those religious leaders who for years studied the scriptures and were suppose to teach the truth about the coming Messiah to the people.  Yet when He came, their jealousy hardened their ears and eyes to the truth and they turned on Jesus for the sake of controlling the people.  They lied to the people and kept the truth from them.

Then we have the snakes in the crowd who just a few days ago had welcomed Jesus into the city praising and singing “Hallelujah.”   Those snakes slithered through the crowd stirring up emotions and ginning them up.  They yelled for the release of a hardened criminal named Barabbas and for the one who spoke a message of love for three years — to be killed on a cross.

There were a lot of snakes around Jesus but here’s the kicker – He knew it and He knew them.

And the reason He willingly went to the cross was to protect us from the snakes!

Our culture is no different than it was back then.  And when Jesus died on the cross and rose again, the snakes didn’t leave.  They were ticked off that Jesus won the battle and all that did was fill the snakes with anger and some with sorrow.  Judas’ hung himself out of sorrow.  Religious leaders had to make up stories about how that rock got rolled away.  And those who stirred up the crowd, hung out in the shadows of city streets waiting to be called on again for their dirty work.  

Oh dear friends – Jesus death did not change the culture of the day.  What changed it was His message that his disciples (Jesus’ experts) taught about after His resurrection.  The snakes followed them and tried to take them out – but alas – they prevailed and spread Jesus’ message of love and that message is still out there and still inside the souls of those who believe in Him.

What we as people who love Jesus must do is call out the snakes and expose their dirty deeds.    And who are the snakes from yesteryear that are still with us today?

Here are just a few that come to mind:

The snakes that have betrayed us – politicians who are bought by special interests.

The snakes that have lied to us – media, governmental leaders, FDA, CDC, and other alphabet organizations.

The snakes that stir up emotions and gin up people against us – FBI/CIA

The snakes that call for the release of criminals and want to crucify the innocent – Progressive Democrats, BLM, Soros funded DAs, and sold out politicians.

The snakes in churches – church leaders who go along with the culture crowd and not with the timeless truth of God’s message.

So what is the moral of this story?  

There will always be snakes among us.  They are cunning, sly and dangerous.  

Our job is to become an expert on them and their tactics.  Here’s how:

  • We need to be more cunning, slyer and righteously indignant with them!
  • We need to be bold and courageous when they show up.  
  • We need to not run when they turn on us.  Instead we need to be prepared to take them out and cut off their head to keep them from hurting our loved ones.
  • We need to study the Word of God so we can identify the type of snake they are.  The snakes never change, the stories are the same and the plans of the wicked are posted within for all of us to see.  

On this Easter weekend, we are watching good attacked by evil in the headlines and it appears evil is winning.  The snakes are still here, friends.  But do not worry – Jesus knew them and He won the battle against them.  

What the snakes don’t want you to know is … you can join in this battle too!  The world needs a Resurrection of Christians to rise up and defeat them.  If you call yourself a Christian, this means you.

If you don’t know Christ – then you are ill-prepared for the snakes in your own personal life that will show up and leave you in fear.  They will be ready to strike when you are least expecting it.

I encourage you to choose Christ this Easter because He chose to endure the cross for YOU and the fears you have will disappear with Him as your Savior.  

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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