Could Permitless Carry Be Coming to Florida?

If Gov. Ron DeSantis has anything to say about permitless carry, Florida could follow behind Texas in passing legislation to allow Floridians to carry firearms without training or permitting.

In Texas, since Sept. 1, Texans ages 21 and are no longer required to undergo background checks and are permitted to carry, either open or concealed, handguns in public. In Florida, HB 103 died in committee in March, but with the passage of the Texas bill and DeSantis promising to make Florida permitless before he leaves office, this bill likely will be reintroduced during the next legislative session.

Permitless carry, also known as “constitutional carry” to supporters, gained ground in 2010 after the Supreme Court case, McDonald v City of Chicago, which reviewed states’ right to interfere with residents’ Second Amendment rights.

Opponents to such legislation use recent school shootings as a reason to restrict, and, in many cases, take away Second Amendment rights altogether. This tactic of using current emotional news stories to further their agenda of stripping away American rights is not new. Covid is a perfect example of rights being taken away, even if temporarily, to further a social agenda set to emotionally control Americans.

Where will Florida stand on this issue? Will our elected officials stand up to defend our Second Amendment rights, or will they cave to the pressure of the left? The next legislative session will tell.

-written by Eye on my City staff writer

EOMC Editor

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