Check your food labels for bugs. Here’s what to look for.

One of Eye’s followers sent us this video about bugs in our foods.

Our first thought was – GROSS!!

And our second thought was – “We spent our childhood shooing flies off our food and now they want us to eat them!”

We wanted to know more so we did some research and we have a feeling this bug-thing isn’t a good thing for us.

Our research discovered that the use of bugs or bug-derived ingredients in food products is actually regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under its Food Additives regulations. Generally, the FDA must approve these ingredients before they can be used in food, and must meet certain safety requirements.

The FDA allows the use of some insect-derived ingredients in food, including cochineal extract (a red colorant) and carmine (a red dye), which are derived from the bodies of a type of insect called the cochineal. These ingredients are commonly used in a range of food products, including yogurt, candy, and beverages.

In addition, some companies have started to use insect protein as a SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE to traditional animal protein. Insects are a good source of protein and other nutrients, and can be produced with much LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT than traditional livestock.

Well well well – another deep subject for the general public to consider and be aware of because anytime we see those words, “sustainable alternative and lower environmental impact,” it means somebody who wants to create a new world order is behind it.

Notice too that traditional livestock is considered a bad thing but bugs are not.

Gee whiz – can these creeps behind the curtain just leave us alone for a while?

It appears they are tracking to make this “normal” to eat bugs so we have a few warnings for you as this trend moves forward:

· While the use of insect-derived ingredients in food is generally considered safe, some people may have allergic reactions to these ingredients, just like with any other food. It’s important for food companies to label their products accurately so that consumers can make informed decisions about what they eat. It is important for YOU to read every label on everything you buy!

· Eating bugs may seem unusual to some people, it’s important to note that insects have been consumed as food in many cultures for centuries. As long as these ingredients meet FDA safety standards and are accurately labeled, they can be considered safe for consumption.

· There are also companies that are exploring the use of lab-grown insect cells to produce insect-derived ingredients. This technology involves growing insect cells in a lab setting and using them to produce proteins and other ingredients that can be used in food products. (Yuck again!)

I don’t know about you but this whole thing about “bugs” in my food just doesn’t sit right with me.

Does it bug you?

Billie Tucker Volpe

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives.

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