Anticipated lawsuit is filed by liberals obsessed with skin color

Liberals are thrilled over an unserious lawsuit that has been filed in Jacksonville challenging the new City Council districts.

But anyone can file a lawsuit over anything. It does not in any way indicate that the claims in the suit are meaningful or justified.

In this case, they are not.

The headline in First Coast News sums up the absurdity: “Lawsuit claimed Jacksonville district maps take away Black voice.”

What is a black voice?

Nothing about the new maps prevents anyone from voting for a person with any skin color or belonging to any political party.

The new districts closely mirror the previous ones, and they were subjected to at least 20 public hearings before being adopted. They are reasonable, compact and concise.

Even more to the point, none of the incumbent council members with black skin objected to them.

Only one council member voted against the new maps.

The liberals who filed the suit complain that it was based on race, which is hilarious because liberals base everything on skin color.

The same lame argument is used about the new congressional districts in Florida.

They hope to perpetuate the ridiculous idea that people with the same skin color all have the same outlook and preferences, and all vote alike.

They do so to maintain a reliable voting bloc, but that bloc is eroding and one day will be meaningless. However, liberals care only about seizing and holding power today, not the future.

The plaintiffs are hoping to find a liberal federal judge who will give them the result they want and they may succeed.

But that would not make their cause just. Such claims achieve the same result as Critical Race Theory – focusing on race to achieve a political purpose, regardless of the damage it does to society.

Lloyd Brown

Lloyd was born in Jacksonville. Graduated from the University of North Florida. He spent nearly 50 years of his life in the newspaper business …beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor for Florida Times Union. He has also been published in a number of national newspapers and magazines, as well as Internet sites. Married with children. Military Vet. Retired. Man of few words but the words are researched well, deeply considered and thoughtfully written.


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