JTA: We need business people to run these agencies. They don’t understand profit and loss

In a recent Florida Times Union article about the opening of the Intercity Bus Terminal, I was appalled at the lack of understanding our “leaders” have in regards to Profits and Losses in a business.  See more here:  JTA transit center


Nathaniel Ford, the JTA CEO,  says this is a cost efficient undertaking;



Our city council members VOTE to create this UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT!


When will the media report the entire story?

When will city council members act as fiduciaries?


This Regional Transportation center is going to bankrupt Jacksonville. Mass transit is almost completely subsidized by all taxpayers. It ALWAYS operates at a loss. Billions of our hard earned dollars are poured into the “money pit” of mass transit annually.  The facts speak for themselves.



Debbie Gonzalez

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