Day: April 22, 2021

  • Protest promotes publicity

    If you want to get your mug on TV, the easiest way is to “protest.” The media may outnumber the protesters, but their presence with cameras grinding away is reason enough for publicity seekers to attend. Neither the media nor the protesters seem to care about the damage they may be doing to public safety. […]

  • Fernandina Beach residents deserve better treatment by city leaders

    The Fernandina Beach City Commission Workshop of April 6 was a very disappointing meeting. I spoke for three minutes and was only able to relate my introduction and conclusion. Three minutes for each speaker is creating a spectacle for the public and not getting to the root of the issues. What is even more disappointing is […]

  • Media tactic: keep repeating it until it is believed

    News4Jax is sticking with its still unproven allegation that somebody 50 years ago promised Jacksonville residents free water and sewer service. In a story that began with poor grammar it said: “For the years, the News4Jax I-TEAM pointed out the broken promise by the city to repair and replace old and broken septic tanks.” But, […]