Month: January 2021

  • Local activists make waves

    Sitting around and complaining doesn’t change anything. Fortunately, North Florida has a lot of people who don’t sit around. Eye on Jacksonville would like to recognize a few people who might be called “activists” because they follow and try to influence public policy, at all levels. One such is Sabrina Wheeler, who describes herself as […]

  • Automatic pay raises? One councilman says, ‘Nope’

    One of the perks of being a politician is that you can increase your paycheck whenever you want, if you can get enough of your buddies to go along with you. But for some, even that is not enough. Congress put its pay on automatic pilot years ago. (“There is no distinctly native American criminal […]

  • Council is considering legislation that may be just a waste of paper

    After attending many sessions of the Jacksonville City Council and Florida Legislature, I came to the conclusion that most legislation is totally unnecessary. Exceptions are enacting a budget and repealing useless legislation previously enacted. An example that is current might be a bill in the council that would limit public gatherings. At best, it is […]

  • Two local conservatives are running for the Florida Senate

    Stalwart conservative Jason Fischer, a state representative from Jacksonville, has filed for the seat in the Florida Senate that will be left vacant by the departure of Sen. Aaron Bean, pitting him against Rep. Clay Yaborough, who filed earlier. Fischer is a former member of the School Board and has been in the House for […]

  • How violent Jacksonville is may be open to question

    Many Jacksonville residents were jolted when they saw a graphic suggesting Jacksonville is a dangerous place to live. Compiled by the liberal Washington Post and also published on Fox News, the graphic shows “cities with the most violent crime” and Jacksonville is 17th on the list, behind hell-holes such as New York, Los Angeles and […]

  • Sonny B: MLK didn’t die so you can BLM

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a man who truly cared about black lives and had a dream for all lives to join hands together in unity and love. I believe he would turn over in his grave if he saw the state of our nation today, especially the state of the black race. Also, […]

  • Another battle over gun rights is due in the Florida Legislature

    Emboldened by the Far Left’s success in Washington, D.C., Florida liberals are going all out for gun grabbing in the upcoming legislative session. This mirrors what the Democrats have promised in Congress – the most serious attempt in years to nullify the Second Amendment rights of Americans. To date, 16 bills addressing gun ownership have […]

  • Florida political leaders are not bowing to Big Tech bullies

    Big Tech is stifling conservative speech and conservative politicians in Florida are fighting back. Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Cabinet have been asked to divest the state’s pension funds of high tech stock companies that are squelching conservative speech. Presumably that would affect Jacksonville’s three city employee pension plans, which already are subject to a […]

  • Fernandina Beach Marina – Who’s responsible for being on the hook for millions?

    For the last four years since hurricanes Mathew and Irma, the City of Fernandina Beach has been repairing and upgrading the city owned marina, at the direction of City Manager, Dale Martin, with the promise that FEMA would reimburse 75 percent of the cost. FEMA approved only 10 percent of what was requested, the city […]

  • No sales pitch, no deal, and the mayor is to blame

    “Hurry” Curry is pouting over the defeat of the Lot J deal but if he wants to find someone to blame all he has to do is look in the mirror. At no time did Mayor Lenny Curry try to present the people of Jacksonville with reasons to support the largest public investment in city […]

  • Mayor Curry censors President George Washington over Lot J comment

    Lot J did not pass tonight. Mayor Curry tweeted after the vote… “A majority of the Council voted in support of Lot J. However, the rules on this vote required a super majority of 13 votes. The vote was 12 in favor and 7 against. The legislative body spoke and unfortunately Lot J will not […]

  • Taxpayers may be ‘business partners,’ whether they want to or not

    It appears that Mayor Lenny “In a Hurry” Curry will get his deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and will not be bothered with having to make a case to support the proposal. It takes 13 votes to pass. Only four members of the 19-member City Council voted against the measure in a preliminary vote Thursday. […]

  • Accounts of Washington violence by local Trump supporters differ from the wild media reports

    Jacksonville supporters of President Trump who were at the Capitol when violence took place Wednesday said the matter has been exaggerated by the media and they suspect those who participated in the violence were paid agitators. Three busloads of people from Jacksonville and other parts of Florida drove to Rocky Mount, NC, Tuesday, spent the […]

  • JEA report from City Council highlighted the mayor’s problem with communicating

    In its highly detailed report on the aborted sale of the city’s electric and water utility, JEA, the City Council did not discover a smoking gun. However, it did enumerate factors behind the process that have been noticeable almost from the start of Mayor Lenny Curry’s administration – secrecy and a need for speed. Almost […]

  • Sunday night twitter storm with three local “leaders” proves we have a lot of growing up to do

    It wasn’t a quiet Sunday night on this first Sunday of 2021. Our hopes of a better year with politicians in DC and locally were thwarted when our Mayor decided to respond to a mean-spirited tweet about his wife. Instead of leaving it alone, Mayor Curry responded with a “meet me outside” tweet. NOTE: Before […]

  • Rep. John Rutherford will object to electors on January 6th due to election fraud

    Eye on Jacksonville sends a WINK to Rep. John Rutherford for standing against election fraud. It has become more and more apparent that election fraud was huge in many states and highly tainted the true results of the Presidential election. For instance here’s news from three states with major fraud: In Pennsylvania there were 205,000 […]