Day: September 27, 2020

  • On the Ballot: Florida Amendment 5 analyzed by Jerry Holland

    Proposed by the Legislature, Amendment 5 amends the Florida Constitution, effective Jan. 1 to increase the maximum time from two years to three years the period of time you have to transfer your Save-Our-Homes cap from a prior homestead to a new homestead. The “Save Our Homes ” Amendment was approved in 1992. It prevents […]

  • On the Ballot: Florida Amendment 4 analyzed by Jerry Holland

    On the November ballot will be Amendment 4 which addresses how State Constitutional Amendments will take an additional step for approval. Currently today citizens, legislature or the Constitutional Revision Commission can place a proposed amendment on the ballot for voter consideration when a state general election is held. If the approval of voters is 60% […]

  • On the Ballot: Florida Amendment 3 analyzed by Jerry Holland

    If Amendment 2 got you fired up wait for Amendment 3 it is a major change to our voting. This is a personal perspective of Amendment 3 for your consideration. Amendment 3 is a citizen-sponsored amendment sponsored by “All Voters Vote, Inc.”. The amendment changes how Florida primaries for Governor, Cabinet members and Legislature elections […]

  • On the Ballot: Florida Amendment 2 analyzed by Jerry Holland

    A personal perspective of Amendment 2 for your consideration. Amendment 2 is a citizen-sponsored amendment sponsored by “Florida for a Fair Wage”. The amendment changes the current Florida minimum wage of $8.46 per hour to be an adjusted amount over time with the below schedule. The schedule is $10.00 per hour on Sept. 2021, $11.00 […]

  • Ring around the Rosie playing out in Jacksonville politics… may they all fall down

    The minute you saw the headline, you probably started singing this nursery rhyme. Most of us grew up with it and did you know — folklore states it was a song about the plague – the Black Death? The Black Death was said to have come from fleas off rats from ships bringing goods to […]