Day: February 4, 2021

  • Compassion should be tempered with caution

    While it may be proper for the local government to help local citizens who have been made destitute by the federal government, politicians should be careful not to overdo their generosity. Jacksonville does not need to be the bum mecca of America. Leave that to San Francisco. Local residents have become disturbed over the camps […]

  • Use this template to hire Jacksonville’s next Mayor

    The question of the year is this, “Can I trust any one who runs for office anymore and will the voting system be rigged?”  There are numerous organizations stepping to the forefront on the subject of election fraud and we believe this situation will be fixed.  We will await their findings and pray all measures […]

  • JEA Scandal makes national news

    Daniel Tait, a Research and Communication Manager for the Energy and Policy Institute, a watchdog group in the energy industry posted an in depth article about the JEA Scandal. My first thought was, “This is embarrassing.” My second thought was, “The truth is finally being revealed.” The title of Mr. Tait’s article says it all: […]