Day: July 9, 2020

  • Local Dems pulling rabbits out of hats but…Republicans have their own

    Last week 200 doctors wrote a letter to Mayor Curry stating RNC “medically disrespectful” while other doctors completely disagree with their tactics. Then pastors with left leaning principles wrote another one to Mayor Curry over their ‘grave concerns’ about Jacksonville hosting the RNC. Yesterday W. C. Gentry, a very “strong” liberal lawyer, filed a lawsuit […]

  • Caution: The cancel culture has come to Cowford

    What will Jacksonville’s new name be? If the cancel culture prevails, Andrew Jackson’s name will be removed and the city will have a new name. Will it be Cowford? That’s what it was called before it was Jacksonville. This is not idle speculation. The city of Jackson, Miss., has voted to remove a statue of […]