Day: January 12, 2020

  • Crime rates are not as malleable as the media seems to think

    The local media in Jacksonville is going through another spate of hand-wringing over the crime rate and looking for someone to blame. The usual remedy is to hire more police. That decreases response times, which means police get to a crime scene quicker. But it does not prevent many crimes, especially violent crimes. Mayors and […]

  • Fight over 5G wireless technology is heating up in Jax

    Residents of Jacksonville who are concerned about the new 5G technology are continuing to press the City Council over proposed changes in local law that would enable its rollout in Jacksonville. Last week at a workshop, city laws provided a comparison of what the council could do vs. what is preempted by state law. Another […]

  • Mayor Curry’s legacy: The toxicity of our City

    I’ve seen Mayor Curry’s “leadership” traits before.  Sadly many of you have seen similar leadership in the workforce.  His leadership style is toxic. Books have been written about toxic leadership and in an article in Psychology Today, dated July 6, 2016, it lays out “8 Traits of Toxic Leadership to Avoid.”  One of those traits […]