Many people get frustrated with what they read and wonder “What can I do?”

Here are a few ideas:

 Pray for our government servants specifically asking that they will be wise, discerning and fair to ALL our citizens in their decision-making process.

  Email your Mayor, City Council Members, and other agencies if you think this is a Stink or a Wink.  The more they hear from you, the more they will know we have our Eye on them.

  Attend City Council meetings or watch them from the comfort of your home.  Attend any workshops or committee meetings to get additional information.

  Get to know YOUR City Council member.  They represent you and were elected to listen to your concerns.

  Share our articles and join our Social Media sites where you can publicly comment and let your voice be heard.

  Help those who wish to run for office – especially those who have the same values you do.  Support them with your vote, your time and your finances.

  Write letters to the local newspaper to effect change within the media too.  We all know the media hasn’t been too fond of conservative values.

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