George Soros hates America and is working hard to bring it down

America’s enemies have not yet been able to conquer us with weapons. Can they do it with money?
One of the biggest threats is a socialist named George Soros, who has billions of dollars and has said he is willing to spend all of it to destroy America, and capitalism.
True to his word, he has spent billions trying to influence American elections. He gave $128.5 million to the Democrat Party in last year’s midterm elections.
He also works to enlist the American media in his quest. That would seem superfluous given that most of the media is in thrall to the Far Left already. Along with Big Tech and the Democrat Party, they pose a serious threat.
But by providing money directly to the media Soros hopes to ensure his dominance.
His plan to remake America also includes revamping the American system of justice in favor of criminals and he is providing large amounts of money in that venture as well.
Part of it is to get prosecutors in place who will aid his effort.
He has been at this for at least 25 years, and he isn’t fooling. Currently he is doubling the money he is funneling to groups dedicated to packing the Supreme Court and
federal judiciary and continues to finance efforts to defund the police.
Most of the fellowship money flows through his Open Society Foundations. The pro- crime funds go through the Soros Justice Fellowships to fund “outstanding individuals to undertake projects that advance reform, spur debate, and catalyze change on a range of issues facing the U.S. criminal justice system.“
There are three types, advocacy, media and youth activist fellowships.
The advocacy fellowships are for $94,500 or $127,500 to “undertake full-time criminal justice reform projects at the local, state and national levels. They may include litigation or public education.
Journalists can get $63,000 or $85,000 for projects that “engage and inform, spur debate and conversation and catalyze change” on criminal justice issues.
Soros owns a large share of stock in the New York Times, the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, and is a major donor to the taxpayer-funded Far Left National Public Radio. Since 2003, Soros has spent more than $52 million funding media properties, according to the Media Research Center.
Youths 18 to 25 are being enlisted for $57,500 to engage in public education and training, grassroots organizing and policy advocacy, social media campaigns and “other forms of creative communications.”
In other words, you can earn money while helping to destroy your country.
There’s a name for that – and it isn’t “philanthropist,” which is the term the admiring media use for Soros.

Lloyd Brown

Lloyd was born in Jacksonville. Graduated from the University of North Florida. He spent nearly 50 years of his life in the newspaper business …beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor for Florida Times Union. He has also been published in a number of national newspapers and magazines, as well as Internet sites. Married with children. Military Vet. Retired. Man of few words but the words are researched well, deeply considered and thoughtfully written.

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