Florida’s Surgeon General Sends Letter to FDA

Florida’s outstanding Surgeon General, Dr. Joe Ladapo, sent a letter to the FDA demanding answers to three difficult questions over the presence of DNA plasmid contaminants and oncogenic SV40 promoter genes in the mRNA shots:

Dr. Ladapo’s short letter got right to the point. Referring to Kevin McKernan’s groundbreaking work, he asked about the risk of biological integration of the DNA fragments into human cells, especially when combined with the SV40 promoter/enhancer:

This raises concerns regarding the presence of nucleic acid contaminants in the approved Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, particularly in the presence of lipid nanoparticle complexes, and Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoter/enhancer DNA. Lipid nanoparticles are an efficient vehicle for delivery of the mRNA in the COVID-19 vaccines into human cells, and may therefore be an equally efficient vehicle for delivering contaminant DNA into human cells. The presence of SV40 promoter/enhancer DNA may also pose a unique and heightened risk of DNA integration into host cells.

  • Plasmid DNA could integrate with cells, which could theoretically transform healthy cells into cancer cells.
  • DNA integration could make normal chromosomes unstable.
  • DNA vaccines might not stay at the injection site, but could affect “intended parts of the body” including the blood, heart, brain, liver, kidney, bone marrow, ovaries/testes, lung, draining lymph nodes, and spleen.

Dr. Ladapo’s letter then asked three very pointed questions, and referred to a previous unanswered letter, demanding answers by December 13th. It’s not clear what he can or will do if his questions remain unanswered, but if the FDA won’t answer a state Surgeon General’s health questions, then what good is it?

The tipping point is tipping ever closer to a tumble.

Jeff Childers

Jeff Childers is the president and founder of the Childers Law firm. Jeff interned at the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Orlando, where he helped write several widely-cited opinions. He then worked as an associate with the prestigious firm of Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman in Orlando and Winter Park, Florida before moving back to Gainesville and founding Childers Law. Jeff served for three years on the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Eighth Judicial Bar Association, and on the Rules Committee for the Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Jeff has published several articles as co-author with Professor William Page of the Levin College of Law (University of Florida) on the topic of anti-trust in the Microsoft case. He also is the author of an article on the topic of Product Liability in the Software Context. Jeff focuses his area of practice on commercial litigation, elections law, and constitutional issues. He is a skilled trial litigator and appellate advocate. http://www.coffeeandcovid.com/

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