DeSantis airlines recovers stranded Americans

CBS ran a terrific story yesterday headlined, “DeSantis greets nearly 300 Americans evacuated from Israel at Tampa airport.” Florida’s first delivery of rescued stranded Americans — who got a much bigger Israel adventure than they paid for — landed safely in Tampa yesterday. Grateful tourists were surprised by an in-person welcome by the Governor of Florida himself. In the flesh. Not a picture.

Florida did not charge Americans for the rescue flight home.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration, completely unable to scare up any military or government planes, chartered a single ship today to float American nationals from Haifa, Israel to Cyprus, Greece — about 184 miles — where they will be on their own getting home. It’s literally the least that the federal government could do:

Here’s how Haaretz described the deal: “Monday’s boat trip from Haifa is not free: Those who board the ship will be required to sign an agreement to repay the U.S. government for the cost of the trip.”

You’d better read the small print on that agreement.

While air charters were promised, the feds have not yet published any schedule of chartered flights. But the federal government has promised that nobody rides for free. Oh! And the flights’ final destination will be Pyongyang.

Jeff Childers

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