We found out that some people were treated better than others. Some got special deals and others didn’t. And if you were in a certain “clique” – you got special treatment. In fact, a lot of city government decisions reminded us of our high school days when membership in certain cliques came with a price.

We don’t think that’s fair. We don’t think that’s the way our government should behave.

We live here. We raise our children here. We want the best for our neighbors. We want a beautiful city that is well known throughout the country. In other words, we have a Vision to make Jacksonville: THE PLACE …

  • Others want to move to because everyone and every part of the community is treated fairly;
  • Crime is addressed at its core and handled with tough love;
  • Quality education is available to ALL;
  • Businesses flourish and jobs are abundant;
  • The physical blessings are managed well and maintained for the use of ALL our neighbors; and
  • An atmosphere of “Welcome!” can be felt when visitors enter our city.

In order to accomplish our Vision, we have to keep an attentive Eye on our government entities. And that is why we started Eye on Jacksonville.

We will be posting Opinion Pieces about various happenings in our city and we’ll give it a

Stink Eye

Wink Eye

Think Eye

depending on what we think.   It’s our opinion and we would love to hear yours.

You never know who just might want to post an Opinion here.  We have reached out to both political parties and other leaders in the community to ask their Opinions and encourage them to write those opinions here.  We hope you’ll keep an Eye open for surprise guest writers!  We want this site to be one where you can hear from the citizens of Jacksonville because the local media doesn’t tend to do that too often!  We hope our governmental servants will also be watching us to see what we think — Wink or Stink!! We hope you’ll spread the word and influence your family and friends to follow us.  More to come as we keep an Eye on Jacksonville and those who have control of our money and resources. With an EYE open for you always,

Billie Tucker Volpe